10 minutes

Popsy brought home some inks today, she had come over to do school work as our house is very very relaxing, we were in the car driving home and I wanted to take a few pictures of her in the garden, it was really cold outside so she said be quick, it took under 10 minutes and I have to say that I really like these of her, this is my ‘Popsy’ through and through, full of colour, sass, and originality. x
These first two were shot with my 50m 1.4 and I used my flash gun, which for me is strange as I usually hate it, but this effect I like. (these top two are my favourites, I love her eyes in these – little tiger)
again shot with my 50m 1.4 no flash gun and actually taken at f1.4 I wanted something softer because she pulled her puddin face on me and I got all melty, so I stopped down and let her head disappear into the pink chip door
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