A little bit darker.

I have quite a lot of older work which has similar themes running through to my work now, here are some shots that have a slightly darker look, compared to my light and sweet shoots.
In order 
This is the first dark picture I took, and its still one of my favourites.
I took this on a tiny Lumix in my kitchen with my step Dads flood lights, I was 16
Dawn Button
 I think I will always like this one just because they are both so dominant of the ‘waste land’
Edward Chitticks and Paige Hartley (pops)
When you have been working with a model for a year or two from a young age; you see their face start to change and take shape, I remember taking this and saying to Edward, wow your you!
Edward Chitticks
Lunacy Shoot and the Bad kids
Beautiful Jewellery from the Art Deco Shop courtesy of Chris
This was one of my 10 shot shoots. As Pops and I have been working together for so long, we should be able to pull a strong photo from only 10 pictures; It means we need to be constructive with an understanding  of outcome and composition. 
Paige Hartley (pops)
This necklace was my Great Aunts,
 my Nan gave it to me before Christmas
Its so pretty! 
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