Hey everyone! A little bit excited, Natasha and I got our 'Lunacy' shoot published in Hair magazine! A four page spread called 'Escape Artist' with commentary from Emily Louise Overy. To add to that, we also had the same shoot published in Estetica magazine USA! Hair and Styling by Pearson and Clark - Natasha Pearson Photography and Make-Up - Becky Long

‘All Walks’ on ‘English Mustard’

I am proud to say that my work has received recognition by ‘All Walks Beyond the Catwalk’ I have had a brilliant write up from Elspeth Merry, who has written for the likes of the Huffington Post and Zink Magazine, New York. As well as a commendation from Caryn Franklin


As my third shoot in the Disney series, I wanted Pocahontas to be quite detailed, I had arranged for my cousin Jo to gather me some Pheasant feathers as I knew I wanted the shoot to be all natural. I went to top shop in oxford circus and found...

Young Fashion Photographer of the Year 2013

Roll on December 10th! I am so very excited! This will be my third entry in the running for 'Young Fashion Photographer of the Year' The last two times were just brilliant. I had such a great time and hopefully this year I will get to meet all the other finalists and maybe even the Judges. Accompanying me on my adventure to Birmingham are my Fiance (the wonderful Colin Ginn) and my (scarily) supportive Mother!

English Mustard

This shoot was a work in progress, one of those things that just bubble over while your day dreaming and thinking of things you could do, and then you stop, and start drawing and adding colour and thinking ‘what can I cut/buy/borrow to make this work like that?’ I gave myself a budget of £40 for the whole shoot and went over about £11 (generator..) I think it is quite dangerous not having a budget, well for me anyway! First of all, I found out my model, the stunning Hannah Cooper was only in town for one day, the bank holiday Monday, I got a confirmation from Hannah on the Friday night that she could definitely do it, so I had to organise the shoot and buy everything for it on the Saturday…. Marked with an X (I already had) Wire Blue spray paint Sieve x Ivy make-up x Extension lead x Blue chalk Make Dress Pins x Hair Doughnut Hair spray x Hair pins Smoke machine x Jewellery Arch Ghost chair with arms x Flash guns x pocket wizards x Camera x Tripod x Glasses Tape boob tape! Scissors x So as you can imagine, I was a tad busy, as […]

Maternity Shoot

Today I did a beautiful shoot with the lovely Toni, she is 6 months pregnant and has the cutest smile, in the world! I wanted to do something a bit more like my fashion work, a bit of set building all for one final picture. For some reason I always prefer to have one ‘perfect’ shot form a shoot, much like the English mustard shoot I did with Miss Cooper, Which I need to Blog about, Sorry! You work everything to a point for one picture. Hours of planning and sorting all for one shot, seems a bit silly to some people, but I think that a shot stands a world away if its the only one, It think its treasured more. I loved doing this, and really like the tones in it, it is very Magenta and warm, it took quite a bit of colour correction as we were in a bath tub and the cool walls did nothing for her peachy skin, although the flowers helped. As per usual, I used my 50mm 1.4 (my bokehlishious lens)  and also used a diffuser (big round white thing that diffuses light) and natural light (the sun 😉 The gorgeous Toni […]


I am so sorry guys, I have completley neglected you since christmas, but I have 3 miniute video of the Hair for ‘Bowie’ with the beautiful Miss Hartley and the always incredible Natasha Pearson on Hair. We all got together and wanted to do a very sleek sexy look, I also have aquired some brand new gels (which I then went on to melt on the studio lights, whoops) The Bowie exhibition is currently on at the V&A; so we thought we would take advantage.; These are the final shots, which we all love. Model. Paige Hartley Hair. Natasha Pearson Photography. Becky Long Model. Paige Hartley Hair. Natasha Pearson Photography. Becky Long Model. Paige Hartley Hair. Natasha Pearson Photography. Becky Long

Dewy Skin

This entire shoot was to try and do a set make up for dewy skin, I wanted a glowing, youthful, sexy look, my model (Robyn) is only 17 so the youth thing was already sorted but, there you go. All I did was cover her T zone in illuminating serum from L’Oreal, then went over her eyes, cheek bones and cupids bow with L’Oreal Highlighter pen, added night time moisturiser from Olay all over. Padded over her eyes with ‘permanent taupe’ from Maybelline. Then added MAC Opulash Optimum Black Mascara and topped off her lips with a colour sensation- Maybelline again, (orange/blush) colour. This is the most important bit! I covered her eyes up to her eyebrows in HAIR SERUM. this is why it has that very shiny wet look over her lids. It does not fall in the creases like vaseline does- for shoot only, dont get this stuff in your eyes! All base was applied with hands. Up Close of Robyns Eye I will add, I put A LOT of moisturiser on Robyn. Her Hair was spritzed with a little bit of hair spray and tousled. Model. Robyn Wiggins MUA.Becky Long Photography. Becky Long Model. Robyn Wiggins MUA.Becky […]

Stuck in first.

It’s just of those days when you want to be out shooting, but no beautiful girls are throwing themselves at you! I can not wait until my Popsys back in the studio!! It has been an uncomfortably long time since she has been on the other side of the glass, when she comes back I will be buying a tube of no more nails. We have a few amazing shoots planned over Christmas and I am very excited!!


I think that everything happens for a reason, sometimes a problem seems so difficult that the belief in a blocked path controls your ability to change a negative struggle into a positive notion. I am very lucky that I have good friends, and when I get stuck, I try and imagine what they would say, and failing that, ask. Using your ability and your strengths to your advantage is something wonderful, you will never make a fortune dreaming and then falling short of your wishes. The best thing you can do is make use of the opportunities you have been gifted as these are the only gifts you will ever receive that are genuinely free. I have been told the only way to get any we’re in life is ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ and to a great extent, the best things happen when your in the right place at the right time. An opportunity will only arrive with change and chance, a beautiful path is set ahead, but only with a positive outlook can you enjoy the journey. “I bargained with Life for a penny, And Life would pay no more, However I begged at […]

Maternity Shoot

This is a shoot I did for a young gorgeous couple, they said I could do what ever I wanted but they would like something a bit different. I had such a lovely time taking their pictures I did quite forget I was on a job! Jemma and Simon were brilliant, and I wish them every happiness in January with their little bonnie boy!   I love this shot, I like how simple it is, the twinkling lights in the background and the look on Simons face, also the scan is adorable It’s a BOY!   Since my first maternity shoot I have always done silouhettes, I think they are classy, sensual and fresh, they allways work beautifully and show off how big your tummy really is.   I have done a similar shot to this before, but I think it looks really different with the lights and the warm skin tones, I have all ways asked mummy’s to be to wear jeans, I just love the skin against the denim, and having the buttons undone.   Once again, Thank you to Jemma and Simon for being so much fun, I can’t wait to take some of your baby boy […]

Sleeping Beauty

For any of those who have seen my previous posts, you will see that my sleeping beauty brassiere was not used as I deceided it was too glitzy and would actually suit cinderella more. The Sleeping Beauty Outfit I had a sheet of elasticated lace, which I cut into a large v and then cut a smaller pink silk peice the same shape to go underneath, as you can see, you would not be able to wear this out, it was literally for the pupose of the shoot. I then added paper roses and pearls from an old knecklace, I thought the dress should be pink and nude as sleeping beauty is quite blushing. I had to tea dye the skirt as it was a white/bluey to give it that vintage look. I then made a small ‘set’ with pink blush tip roses, the same silk I used for the underlay of the dress and belt, and white sprayed ivy with ‘baby breath’ blossom One of the most iconic props for me would be the Tiara, it is an instant reminder of the Disney Princess, I don’t want the shoots to be Disney perfect, but recognition to an individual is […]

Young Fashion Photographer of the Year Finalists 2012

So, it has been an exciting couple of weeks, I have found out that I am one of the ten finalists for the clothes show live ‘young fashion photographer of the year award’. I was sent another E-mail last night with the other finalists names, so had a little Google, and without a doubt all the work I have seen is beautiful! They all have very strong work and it looks to be a seriously tough competiton! I am very proud to be contending against such clever people and flattered to have got this far! It is going to be a really lovely day, and to all the other finalists, well done on getting this far!

a COCO CHANEL advert I love

Found this today, and I love it! This is a campaign for CHANEL *CHANEL launches COCO, the first women’s fragrance created by Jacques Polge. Inspired by Venetian history and Baroque style, this oriental floral scent expresses a provocative vision of old-world opulence 1984 I think this is so beautiful, I love how frantic it is! I would quite like to get into a bit of film making, a moving image can be just that, ‘moving’. Stills are wonderful because it is a point in time captured, but being able to show movement and light dancing is transcending. I might Film one of my shoots and see what sort of things I like.

New, Sea Smoke.

Today was so foggy, I was so excited when I got into work and hoped it would last until mid day when my shoot with Emily was. The mist was so beautiful, I have been waiting for ages to get weather like this and was so lucky it lasted all day. First View           Model. Emily Hill I chose the black dress because I wanted it to stand out from the pale beach, and I thought the gloves really suited the style, with a dress like that the hair had to be up, and Emily has such beautiful shoulders I didn’t want to cover them! Out Takes Emily being silly x              I do love working with Emily, she always gives me that cute little look as if to say ‘erm, beck, do I look ok!?’ she is also hilarious, and always up for going out in the snow or cold wet weather (now including fog). Emily is also the only girl I know that can lean disproportionally backwards without falling over! We had to cut the shoot a bit shorter than I would have liked because we were getting soaked, Emily’s […]

Dressing My New ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Shoot – Costume

Making ‘Sleeping Beautys’ outfit Whenever I have a shoot to do, I will always try and find the best way of making it look as good as I can. For instance, when you come to dress a model, it is very important to theme the clothing to suit the shoot, and it is very easy to get it wrong. If I cannot afford to dress them I will not do it until I can, or find a cheaper way of doing something that will look as good. (basically don’t go cheap and fudge it, it wont work!x) It’s not actually finished yet, I might change it about a bit, depends what it looks like on Emily. I think initially its quite sweet, even if it is a bit blingy, I can calm it down when I make the set for the shoot, I want to have white ivy (sprayed matt white) possibly over white fur, depends what colours I can find! most of the time white fur looks a little yellow. For the hair, Natasha Pearson who owns Pearson and Clarke hairdressers in Frinton is going to be doing something beautiful, I think I will just leave it to Natasha […]

I want to be like Grace Kelly….or Howell Conant.

Howell Conant was Grace Kelly’s ‘Photographer’ Conant photographed Grace through her years as an actress right through to Princess Grace, she was an icon, and in her later years, Highly respected in the fashion world. Grace’s dress sense matched her career and was very theatrical, with beautiful shapes and a pinned waist line she was the epitome of feminine class. The Princess did a lot of different work with orphanages and different charity’s but in the end her primary outlet for self expression was through Conant’s lens. Some of my Favourite shots     I love these, there is something so organic about them, such easy but lovely compositions and beautiful tones, the last shot is so pretty, just the look in her eyes and the little water drop on her ear is delicate. It makes such a difference having somewhere so stunning to shoot. Howell T. Conant Sr., 83, Photographer Mr. Conant was working as a fashion photographer in 1955 when he was commissioned by Photoplay magazine to do a cover photograph of Grace Kelly, who shortly thereafter became Princess of Monaco. The picture became one of his best-known images, and he became the favourite photographer of the Royal […]

Snow White

Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of them all? I have wanted to do a series of Disney princesses for a long time and wanted to start with snow white. (I will be doing a select few of the Princess set so will keep you posted). I was very excited about using my ‘Popsy’ (Paige Hartley) as snow white, as She has just left me for University! So this was a nice last shoot for us to do together for a while I love doing one off shots as they think they are sometimes stronger than sets, I used to be obsessed with getting sets, but there is always one shot that is not as good as the others, and I believe this always lets it down, I would prefer to have an individual shot with a ‘wow’ factor. I had thought about the different things that could be in the picture, Props, clothing etc.. I was certain of using the Apple but could not find a suitable dress which was seductive and classy, so I made one. Popsy’s Hair was actually brown before the shoot, I curled it and then sprayed with black UV hairspray, needless to say […]

All that Glisters is not Gold

I spoke to Pops last night and asked if she was free today to do a shoot, I asked her to bring some jewellery. I recently shot some photos for the company Rosewreck, I didn’t realise but Pops had brought with her some of their newest pieces, they are stunning. I love the ring, it really suits the style of the shoot. I wanted a bronze rocky metallic effect, I think it works nicely. Modelling. Paige Hartley Jewellery by Rosewreck Photography styling Make-up Becky Long Modelling. Paige Hartley Jewellery by Rosewreck Photography styling Make-up Becky Long

Down by the sea. Where the Watermelons grow. I Dare not go.

I posted the first set under the name of Toffee Apple, such sweetness.The second set are more relaxed Model. Emily Hill I think this shot is so delicate, I really like it. Model. Emily Hill Shoes and Top Models own Hair MUA , styling and Photography by Becky Long.

A Beautiful day on the Naze

As promised! Here is my favorite shot from Rachael and Daniels wedding, and I am happy to say they love it as much as I do, I will be posting some more photographs from the day tomorrow.. This photograph was taken on the Naze cliffs in Walton, it was very windy but worth it 🙂

Rachael and Daniel.

Dum Dum DeDum Saturday 2nd I shot a wedding today for Rachael and Daniel, weddings really are my favourite things to do, the anticipation and excitement and getting to see two people make each other so happy, Since I got engaged I couldn’t help but tear up a little when they said their vowels! it hits home a little more when you know you are going to get to do what they are doing one day. They are such a lovely couple and you can genuinely see them in 50 years pulling the same silly faces at each other. I loved how relaxed their wedding was and how it was all about them, everything looked beautiful but you could tell the only things that mattered to them were each other, and I think that is the best kind of wedding to have! Now, they are coming in on Thursday to view there photographs and I am really excited to show them, so obviously I can’t show you guys yet! but after they have seen them I shall share a few of my favourite ones! so keep your eyes open! xx

a photographer I love.

Sally Mann Sally Mann (born in Lexington, Virginia, 1951) is one of America’s most renowned photographers. She has received numerous awards, including NEA, NEH, and Guggenheim Foundation grants, and her work is held by major institutions internationally. Her many books include Second Sight (1983), At Twelve (1988), Immediate Family (1992), Still Time (1994), What Remains (2003), Deep South (2005), Proud Flesh (2009), and The Flesh and the Spirit (2010). A feature film about her work, What Remains, debuted to critical acclaim in 2006. Mann is represented by Gagosian Gallery, New York. She lives in Virginia. – From Sally Manns Website About I have been looking at Sally for a little while now and i have to say her work is breath taking, not everyone agrees with me but it think there is something so wonderfully haunting about her collection ‘immediate family’ I also think that the way she photographs her subjects/ family is very honest and beautfiul, i aspire to take a more realistic approach to photography and have been doing this recently with some very beautiful results. Sally has had problems with people critising her way of photograping her children, this is a real shame because her work is […]

Unseen. Unedited.

original photographs, I have edited them to black and white in silver effects pro because I wanted them to look uniform all together like this, they each have flaws which I would necessarily remove, but they have NOT been airbrushed or tweaked in any way aside from being made monotone, this is my work in its natural colorless state. a long exposure with one lamp, I think there is something so delicate about this, I showed my granddad and he was not a fan, but its the eye of the beholder, I think there is something charming and feminine, popsys glazed eyes look dreamy. this shoot has never been seen before, this was a dragonfly brooch we shot for the art deco shop but did not use, we had done a shoot previously in the day and this did not exceed the expectations from the earlier session so we did not feel we wanted it, although away from my other work its simple and sweet. this i love, this for me shows the working relationship between pops and chitticks, its one of those in between shots that lets you see what my job is really about, making people happy and relaxed, these are the […]

10 minutes

Inka Popsy brought home some inks today, she had come over to do school work as our house is very very relaxing, we were in the car driving home and I wanted to take a few pictures of her in the garden, it was really cold outside so she said be quick, it took under 10 minutes and I have to say that I really like these of her, this is my ‘Popsy’ through and through, full of colour, sass, and originality. x These first two were shot with my 50m 1.4 and I used my flash gun, which for me is strange as I usually hate it, but this effect I like. (these top two are my favourites, I love her eyes in these – little tiger) again shot with my 50m 1.4 no flash gun and actually taken at f1.4 I wanted something softer because she pulled her puddin face on me and I got all melty, so I stopped down and let her head disappear into the pink chip door

A little bit darker.

I have quite a lot of older work which has similar themes running through to my work now, here are some shots that have a slightly darker look, compared to my light and sweet shoots.   In order    This is the first dark picture I took, and its still one of my favourites. I took this on a tiny Lumix in my kitchen with my step Dads flood lights, I was 16 Dawn Button      I think I will always like this one just because they are both so dominant of the ‘waste land’   Edward Chitticks and Paige Hartley (pops) When you have been working with a model for a year or two from a young age; you see their face start to change and take shape, I remember taking this and saying to Edward, wow your you!   Chitticks  Edward Chitticks   Lunacy Shoot and the Bad kids    Beautiful Jewellery from the Art Deco Shop courtesy of Chris   This was one of my 10 shot shoots. As Pops and I have been working together for so long, we should be able to pull a strong photo from only 10 pictures; It means we need to be constructive […]

Now a bit Lighter

I have always found it easier to shoot using a lot of light, a lot of my work is purposely over exposed for effect, you see I grew up on Tim Walker and he is a real ‘bright boy’         My First shoot with Pops, this was taken on a break water in Frinton,  I had a gold reflector board balanced on my leg.    This is my most Tim Walker-esque shoot, I loved doing this shoot as I also made the dress The shoes are so beautiful. Same shoot   This was a really fun shoot, Hannah is an actress and has been in lots of big shows always with a main part ‘Cinderella’ her nickname is ‘Tink’ she is rather tiddy.   Thaila is a beautiful dancer, this is a shot from her studio- only using natural light     I love all these photographs and I think the exposure adds to the picture, a lot of photographers would not appreciate the effect but hey ‘its ma style!’

Number 24 of Frinton. Art Deco and Antiques

Frinton-On-Sea is lucky enough to have a very beautiful and unique shop in its high street. The owner is Chris Pereira and this man has some serious class (but this may just be his wife giving the nod of approval- I have heard great things!) He has a collection of beautiful antiques, Art deco ornaments and objects of real taste, the shop is so nostalgic; walking over the threshold you no longer feel part of the modern world but are dropped down the rabbit hole straight through the 80’s 70’s 60’s 50’s 40’s and still you keep falling. The collection of Jewellery is stunning and his framed prints really add character to the living shop. Chris has just opened a new Vintage rail in this incredible memory venue; the clothes are so beautiful and all original pieces. The shop has always sold intricate little leather gloves and unique hankies but now he has a full set of collectable and wearable items, in the next few weeks I will be working with Chris and a Stylist called Jade who is a big Vintage fan and wears a lot of it herself; Jade popped in for a chat today in a black lace vintage dress with a velvet Green tailored […]

Jewels By Design, London

So, Popsy and I went to Essex fashion week on the invite of a very talented Jeweller. Louise Needham has a company called Jewels by Design-London.   A stunning Collection of different pieces including bracelets, headbands, earrings, brooches and the like; all eye catching and bespoke. when walking up to her stall, the pieces were breathtaking, I very quickly spotted some extraordinary brooches which were in fact Suffragette- they were stunning!    A small clip from jbd website                                            Full story-  Suffragettes   Suffragettes Jewels By Design London specialise in jewellery from the Suffragette Movement. It is very sought after and carries a special charm knowing just a little piece of its history. Below is a brief history of Suffragette Movement and the way they wore jewellery to show their commitment.   Although giving women the vote became a topical theme of the 1800s it wasn’t until 1893 that New Zealand became the first country in the world to award it. In 1902 Australia followed. It wasn’t until 1918 that Britain followed suit, and even then the vote was given only to certain groups of women, such […]

My Shoots

Hours before any shoot I always set up my studio using a friend and make sure my lighting is how I want it, you would never leave the lighting till last, because of the effect it will have on the style or quality of the picture. I have 6 standard favourite setups which I develop to suit each shoot on a variety of backdrops (I always prefer to use black or white) 99% of the time I style and do the hair and makeup, I am lucky to be able to do this as it gives me quite a lot of creative control. (although I wouldn’t mind a team of stylists at hand!)   I always prefer shooting outside, I believe it puts everyone at ease and it is much nicer having scenery in the background and even foreground, I have done a few shoots in the studio which look like they may have been taken outside, these are nice because there is more going on in the picture and you have complete control of light.   I have known Jimmy and Jill Since I opened the studio, Jill was one of my first clients and my first repeat customer, […]

L’Oreal colour Trophy

I have a somewhat wonderful relationship with an extremely talented lady, she is the owner of Pearson and Clark in Frinton on sea, Essex. I first met Natasha in 2010 when I was designing clothes with a good friend of mine, we were asked to design and make some outfits for the Wella Hair show, at Wella in London. We have spent so many hours thinking up crazy and wonderful ideas- the nude dress I made for the L’Oreal trophy, a pink crushed silk corset was for the Young Colour Artist. I always go to these events with her and photograph the walks and help with styling and make-up. A few weeks ago I was in the car with colin driving through town and I spotted a dress in a charity shop, I say spotted, I had a glimpse and rang natasha to go and grab this 1940’s peice, this is what we used for her last walk and came 5th in the region, only a couple under Toni and Guy (and some other big companies) These are the outfits we first designed for Natasha Nude dress for L’Oreal Trophy                     […]

Wedding venue

How exciting- I have been booked by a lovely couple for their wedding, and I am so excited about the venue. I have a lot of beautiful venues, but I think this is so sweet, private girls school. Woolverstone Hall


Had a wonderful couple come in a couple of weeks ago, they met on a ski holiday and now have a beautiful baby girl! I was asked to do something a little different with her and this is what I gave them, thought I would share, this baby is gorgeous! Love the goggles.

Blue jeans

Beautiful women today! Took photographs of miss Emily Hill, Chloe Lebrett, Katie Fletcher and Paige Hartley. These girls steal my heart! Black and white is so delicious, combine the two…


Now as you all know, I love my wedding photography, I get so excited about it I sometimes feel a tad dizzy, everyone always asks me if i get nervous before a wedding, yes, it is true I do but the day I wake up not nervous for a wedding I shall put my camera down, being nervous says I care about your day and that I really dont want the bridesmaids to argue or the wedding dress to rip and I hope you have an incredible day! Here are a few of my favourite photos I have taken at weddings x

Daffodilly docious

The daffs were out but chloe and I were under the lights in the studio ( i mean were else would we be!?)

My little emily

I have known Emily since she was born, and she has always stayed ‘my little Emily’ it has only been this year that no one can call her this anymore as she has grown up past any sort of recognition, she has infact become quite the lady.

My sunday with popsy

Took some rather yummy photos of one of my girls, here are a few of them, I was going for 70’s styling – denim, head bands, wavy hair.


Some Things I Find Truly Beautiful.     Plato’s Atlantis by Alexander McQueen is my favourite Collection . Above any other designer   Sasha Piranova, shot by Emma Summerton One of the Loveliest Pictures is this one of Grace Kelly shot in Jamaica                                                               There is something so beautiful about this, its just so clean, the drip on her ear is great too. Grace Kelly’s Photographer was called Howell Conant He has some stunning pictures of her. Some of my work at University   I went to the London college of fashion and specialized in costume for performance, this is an example (snippet) of a project.   This was the jacket project, we had to create a jacket (coating) for a character in a play or film or make up a character to fit a film. I used the tin mans wife in the wizard of Oz, the idea was that she fell asleep in the poppy field and the flowers grew over her turning to tin. Research. Wizard of Oz. Corsetry. Jean Paul Gautier Metal […]


5.12.11Today, I watched Lady GaGa’s Marry the night Video, full length, you dont quite realise how many messages are in one clip until you watch it again, some clever stuff.   A screen shot from marry the night. Loving the heels   Gaga partnered with Virgin Mobile on her Monster Ball national tour offering premium VIP tickets to fans who volunteer their time to homeless youth organizations, which raised more than $80,000 in proceeds to support homeless youth, and generated 30,000 hours of community service for hundreds of charities across the country. Pretty cool Girl  🙂 was trying to research what shoe Lady GaGa is wearing in the bath tub, thought they may be Alexander McQueen, but stumbled across these bad boys. scrumptious When ‘Bad Romance’ first came out, I got very excited about  McQueens new shoes and made my own pair, How to make these shoes- I went and bought a pair of small platform heels, cut up a block of wood about 4in tall by 1 1/2 wide, you then nail through the shoe through to the wood on the other side, strip back the heel and hammer a length of copper pipe till it is wedged, sand […]

Perfect sundays.

Staying in all wrapped up when its cold and raining outside, watching yellowstone documentries and the frozen planet program.


Welcome to my mad little world, full of colour and beautiful people                      every day I drew as a child, then in my teens I realised that my life would                       involve design and art In some way. Ilove creating things that make                     people smile or think twice. One love of my life is the peter pan of the photography world. Tim Walker                      Delicious colour and content and beautiful places.