Some Things I Find Truly Beautiful.
Plato’s Atlantis by Alexander McQueen is my favourite Collection
. Above any other designer
Sasha Piranova, shot by Emma Summerton
One of the Loveliest Pictures is this one of Grace Kelly shot in Jamaica
There is something so beautiful about this, its just so clean, the drip on her ear is great too.
Grace Kelly’s Photographer was called Howell Conant
He has some stunning pictures of her.
Some of my work at University
I went to the London college of fashion and specialized in costume for performance, this is an example (snippet) of a project.
This was the jacket project, we had to create a jacket (coating) for a character in a play or film or make up a character to fit a film. I used the tin mans wife in the wizard of Oz, the idea was that she fell asleep in the poppy field and the flowers grew over her turning to tin.
Research. Wizard of Oz. Corsetry. Jean Paul Gautier Metal Corsets
sheet metal, curled with pliers, Potato pearls and wire, the whole case is soldered together.
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