Dressing My New ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Shoot – Costume

Making ‘Sleeping Beautys’ outfit

Whenever I have a shoot to do, I will always try and find the best way of making it look as good as I can. For instance, when you come to dress a model, it is very important to theme the clothing to suit the shoot, and it is very easy to get it wrong. If I cannot afford to dress them I will not do it until I can, or find a cheaper way of doing something that will look as good. (basically don’t go cheap and fudge it, it wont work!x)

Sleeping Breauty Bra

It’s not actually finished yet, I might change it about a bit, depends what it looks like on Emily. I think initially its quite sweet, even if it is a bit blingy, I can calm it down when I make the set for the shoot, I want to have white ivy (sprayed matt white) possibly over white fur, depends what colours I can find! most of the time white fur looks a little yellow. For the hair, Natasha Pearson who owns Pearson and Clarke hairdressers in Frinton is going to be doing something beautiful, I think I will just leave it to Natasha to decide the look, she always gets it bang on so it’s a nice surprise for me too!

Not always from scratch

Sleeping Breauty Bra Parts

Tadaa ( I wish I had the three Fairies wands!)
-A bra with no underwire, (Which is why it has the flat band under the bust)
-Some costume jewellery which was actually from Primark, it was a ring and bracelet piece that goes over your hand (slightly Indian styled) x 3
-Large and small Gems,
-Fabric glue,
-Needle and Cotton

I also bought half a metre of stretch lace which was sewn to the band of the Bra, I wanted a bit more coverage and I love the Floosie bras atm. Although, it would still have looked sweet shorter.

As for make-up, I’m going very pale, pale lips, with just a bit of pink blush on the cheeks, then really long eyelashes with a slick of top line, I usually use MAC for top liner as it does not come off and I also have a lovely angled brush which makes it easier. The shot will be waist and above so it does not matter too much what Emily wears below her tummy, I could always give her a skirt but it would have to match the top, so maybe just her knick nacs will suffice! I am so excited about doing this shoot! the last one was Snow White and the one after will be Ariel the Little Mermaid, another Disney Princess.

Most of the time I will be able to find something suitable other times I will make things from scratch, I am lucky enough to be able to design and stitch my way through a shoot and come up with something not too bad. For this shoot I wanted a really beautiful brassiere, all white with lots of sparkly bits and a deep rib, very ‘Princessy’ as its the Disney look I’m going for. It needed to have a bit of glitz but not be too tacky.
What I have made so far probably wouldn’t look out of touch with a Gypsy wedding top, but it’s the styling around it that will change the look of it overall, These are the steps.
Sleeping Beauty-

Aurora obviously does not wear the sort of outfit that I am making. I don’t need to do what Disney do and match every detail, I can do my own but still connect to the stereotypes, just a little more modern.

Aurora-Sleeping Beauty by Disney

 Sleeping Breauty Image

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