I want to be like Grace Kelly….or Howell Conant.

Howell Conant was Grace Kelly’s ‘Photographer’
Conant photographed Grace through her years as an actress right through to Princess Grace, she was an icon, and in her later years, Highly respected in the fashion world. Grace’s dress sense matched her career and was very theatrical, with beautiful shapes and a pinned waist line she was the epitome of feminine class. The Princess did a lot of different work with orphanages and different charity’s but in the end her primary outlet for self expression was through Conant’s lens.
Some of my Favourite shots


Grace Kelly



I love these, there is something so organic about them, such easy but lovely compositions and beautiful tones, the last shot is so pretty, just the look in her eyes and the little water drop on her ear is delicate. It makes such a difference having somewhere so stunning to shoot.

Howell T. Conant Sr., 83, Photographer

Mr. Conant was working as a fashion photographer in 1955 when he was commissioned by Photoplay magazine to do a cover photograph of Grace Kelly, who shortly thereafter became Princess of Monaco. The picture became one of his best-known images, and he became the favourite photographer of the Royal Family of Monaco. In 1992 he published ”Grace,” a book of his photographs of the Princess, Prince Rainier and their three children. – www.nytimes.com



This Apparently is Conant and Grace Kelly, this is the only Photograph I could find of him.
The two had such a wonderful relationship, and I hope in years to come I will still be photographing my Girl 🙂

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