New, Sea Smoke.

Today was so foggy, I was so excited when I got into work and hoped it would last until mid day when my shoot with Emily was. The mist was so beautiful, I have been waiting for ages to get weather like this and was so lucky it lasted all day.

First View

Sea Smoke 1         Sea Smoke 2
Model. Emily Hill

I chose the black dress because I wanted it to stand out from the pale beach, and I thought the gloves really suited the style, with a dress like that the hair had to be up, and Emily has such beautiful shoulders I didn’t want to cover them!

Out Takes
Emily being silly x

  Sea Smoke Outtakes         Sea Smoke Outtakes 2 

I do love working with Emily, she always gives me that cute little look as if to say ‘erm, beck, do I look ok!?’
she is also hilarious, and always up for going out in the snow or cold wet weather (now including fog). Emily is also the only girl I know that can lean disproportionally backwards without falling over! We had to cut the shoot a bit shorter than I would have liked because we were getting soaked, Emily’s hair was starting to drip and my camera is not huge fan of water..the fog was thicker than it looks! The shoot lasted about 40 minutes and we had a lot of fun.

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