Now a bit Lighter

I have always found it easier to shoot using a lot of light, a lot of my work is purposely over exposed for effect, you see I grew up on Tim Walker and he is a real ‘bright boy’  
My First shoot with Pops, this was taken on a break water in Frinton, 
I had a gold reflector board balanced on my leg. 
This is my most Tim Walker-esque shoot, I loved doing this shoot as I also made the dress
The shoes are so beautiful.
Same shoot
This was a really fun shoot, Hannah is an actress and has been in lots of big shows always with a main part ‘Cinderella’ her nickname is ‘Tink’ she is rather tiddy.
Thaila is a beautiful dancer, this is a shot from her studio- only using natural light
I love all these photographs and I think the exposure adds to the picture, a lot of photographers would not appreciate the effect but hey ‘its ma style!’
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