Number 24 of Frinton. Art Deco and Antiques

Frinton-On-Sea is lucky enough to have a very beautiful and unique shop in its high street. The owner is Chris Pereira and this man has some serious class (but this may just be his wife giving the nod of approval- I have heard great things!) He has a collection of beautiful antiques, Art deco ornaments and objects of real taste, the shop is so nostalgic; walking over the threshold you no longer feel part of the modern world but are dropped down the rabbit hole straight through the 80’s 70’s 60’s 50’s 40’s and still you keep falling. The collection of Jewellery is stunning and his framed prints really add character to the living shop.
Chris has just opened a new Vintage rail in this incredible memory venue; the clothes are so beautiful and all original pieces. The shop has always sold intricate little leather gloves and unique hankies but now he has a full set of collectable and wearable items, in the next few weeks I will be working with Chris and a Stylist called Jade who is a big Vintage fan and wears a lot of it herself; Jade popped in for a chat today in a black lace vintage dress with a velvet Green tailored jacket, she looked beautiful. so you can imagine how excited I am!
Number 24 boasts a real British phone box, original light up Esso Pump, beautiful wooden floor and an extraordinary cabinet complete with Black and white TV. Sweetie pots and war jam jars line the walls and the old fashioned children’s board games are stacked under vintage studio lights; it is genuinely beautiful and the way the shop is set out is truly one of a kind
watch this space for some of Mr Pereiras timely wonders!
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