I bought my Fimo (hobby clay) and rolled out a sheet, cut my pegs out, I then repeated one size smaller and then rolled the beads down the length to create a pattern. Doing the same on rectangular sheets so I could create more of the original beads

I fired my pieces once I was happy with them. I used a bronzing powder which I mixed with gold spray paint and rubbed into the patterned pieces, I wanted there to be a bit of grit and look worn, It worked really well, (on the oogie boogie stick I used ground coffee, works just as well)

I threaded the pieces and then clipped some small gold rings, which I then wound round and set with pliers (this was more difficult than it sounds I promise!) they are the same rings Pocahontas wears on her fingers.

This is the necklace finished, I think It looks relatively authentic, aside from the blue gems ( you do need a little sparkle) I do like the handmade style and don’t think that it looks out of place on her.

I borrowed the skull from my mad Aunt, her house is full of the weird and wonderful. She is sort of a high quality hoarder!

I loved the fur and thought it was very earthy, I collected orange and red leaves and then pinned a faux fur fabric to my back board in an arch shape. I threaded the small feathers in the curve of the fabric so I could fan out the larger ones underneath. I then set out the dress how I wanted it roughly,  when  the time came to dress the model I bought an extra-large pair of nude tights,  put her in one of the legs, and pinned the other leg over the front of her shoulder to hold it up. I then pinned and tied the dress to the tights.

I did all this the evening before the shoot and left the studio at about 12.30….zzz

My oogie boogie stick – otherwise known as Yei Rattle was made by decorating a stick with coffee smothered bells, ribbon, twine and different beads, I also had a blue thumb ring that was too big for Annabelle so I added it to this as I liked the colour so much.

The hair.

I had brought lots of leather strips, beads and bells which I wanted threaded through the hair, I spoke to Natasha (my all-time favourite hairdresser and L’Oreal educator) I wanted big and beautiful with lots of texture and some colour, I had seen Natasha do a look on a show piece and fell in love with it. The texture on the crimped hair and the backwards braids looked beautiful! I sent Natasha a couple of drawings so she had an idea of what I was after. This is what I sent over to Natasha, just a general idea.

Natasha did the centre backwards braids and separated the hair into two bunches. Michelle Burke (Pearson and Clark) braided the small beaded braids with me, we threaded leathers and all sorts through Annabelle’s hair, I even put hair wax over a feather and wrapped her hair around it. Annabelle’s hair is amazing; it’s so long and dark, perfect for this shoot. Natasha then brushed through the crimped sections and worked her magic making beautiful textured braids. Once we had laid Annabelle down to arrange her hair and outfit, Natasha fingered blue hair chalk on the highlights of the braids, I loved this, it looked so so beautiful.

This is a little video that fly’s over Annabelle so you can see some of the details. I am really happy with this shoot, I have had a lot of comments saying they recognize that it is Pocahontas, even children have realized. The only Disney ‘link’ is the arm tattoo this helps considerably as my Pocahontas is much darker than the original.

Model – Annabelle Janes
Hair – Natasha Pearson
Assisting Hair – Michelle Burke
Dress, Set, Makeup and Props – Becky Long
Photography – Becky Long
Assisting – Becky Faccini

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