Hair by Natasha Pearson Model – Annabelle Janes Assisting Hair – Michelle Burke Dress, Props, set Becky Long Assisting – Becky Faccini Photography by Becky Long Editor – Colin Ginn & Becky Long The third of my Disney series, I was so excited to do this as I wanted a real earthy set and everything very natural. The model Belle has incredibly long hair, thick beautiful ebony hair, which was very fun for Natasha to work with. I started collecting bits of leather, ribbons, clay beads and little trinket bells, I came up with the idea for the hair with Natasha. I had seen some beautiful looks she had done at one of her L’Oreal shows; and wanted to go very couture with one of her braided looks, I wanted lots of texture and colour. Michelle (a great fellow hairdresser) did the thin braids; It took ages adding all the bits and bobs. Natasha crimped and sculpted the whole look, I love the braids at the front and the blue hair chalks. The outfit is all brown leather and a vintage fur fox from my great Aunt; I wrapped the fabrics around belle and bound them with leather and strings. The […]

White Widows

Photography by Becky long Hair by Natasha Pearson Model – Bethany Sullivan, Charlie White Prosthetics and makeup by Becky Long This was such an exciting collaboration, we wanted a white on white sci/animal theme, we used prosthetics to get the sharp cheek bones and white makeup to enhance an innate and believable character that we had designed. Natasha on hair has created a series of looks which boast believable textures in nature, this shoot was an influence of the different collections and prep work seen at hair club live. The clothing was created after the hair and makeup had been achieved, we used cotton web to pull across the models in a cocoon, we thought that this would be animated with the movement and progression of the shoot. Together we created a story board with titles such as ‘the meeting’ ‘journey’ ‘the attack’ and various others which shows a course of exploration and discovery between the two models, it’s very animalistic and beautiful.


Model. Ellie Freeman Hair. Natasha Rose Pearson Styling. Becky Long Accessories. Art Deco Photography. Becky Long Such an elegant shoot, we used vintage sunglasses circa 1950 and a silk slip from the same era. Ellie has a beautiful look and her hair is just incredible, with its sheer length it is a wonder to play with. The pool we hired had a 70’s feel to it with it’s Grecian mosaic. After the editing and processing to black and white it had a real antiquated look, in comparison to Ellie’s neat and classic ensemble.


Model. Lois Richards Hair. Natasha Rose Pearson Styling. Becky Long Photography. Becky Long I had not used gels before and really wanted to do a fresh and saturated shoot. The models hair has a beautiful sihlloutte with a structured section that reflects the light well. Natasha wanted something pliable and beautiful that we could move and redesign if needed. The outcome of the shoot was something fun that we could really play with. It has an 80’s vibe and a good party feel! The velvet bra was made by myself and the accessories are Natasha’s. I just loved the lighting and how you could manouvere and add the colours just slightly to give a totally different effect. The purple and blue go really well together but I would also like to experiment with blue and yellow on a different shoot. I did not use a lot of prossessing on this shoot as the colours were there, I just added a heavier vinette to the corners to centralise the images a bit more.  


Hair and styling – Natasha Pearson Photography Becky Long Product sponsors – unite – Tony White Unite Hair Makeup – Sarah Jane Rumsey Dresses – Fabryan London Assisted by – Michelle Kelly Burke Model – Louise Claydon This was such a brilliant day, we traveled up to Ealing (west london) and were shooting in this lovely little studio. We did our main shots for Fabryan and then went for lunch, we had noticed the pub next door was shutting down and was lucky enough to get in and use there props. I always think that pianos are such wonderful commodities when placed against uninterrupted back drops. Lousie seemed to stand out beautifully with her red hair against such a warm back ground; the window light from the left was creating this blue iridescent shine on the wooden panes which offset her quite nicely. I love the piece she is wearing, it had such a heavy drape to it and just felt good, the leather band around the waist kept the design simple and elegant. I used natural light and a reflector board for these shots as the room was relatively bright for one with such dark cladding.


A photo shoot for a beautiful young lady, we decided to go for ‘forest fairy’ and ended up more ‘Woodland Empress’. This one shot took 7 hours of prep, and a week of collecting wood, moss and flowers. Hair was created my Michelle Burke of Pearson and Clark Hair dressing, the head piece and jewelry was from ‘Art Deco’ of Frinton. The dress was made by myself, with the hand of my lovely sister as my mannequin and birds eye adviser! I wanted the make up to be very soft, Abbi has amazing skin (as she is only 12-I know!) So we wanted something peachy and fresh with some fantasy about it. I cannot believe how incredibly patient Abbi was, a model in the making! Assisting on the shoot was the wonderful Kelsie Low, Thank you everyone for being so patient with me, we are going to be picking moss out of our hair for weeks!


I’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies And I’m not proud of my address, In a torn-up town, no postcode envy But every song’s like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin’ in the bathroom Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin’ the hotel room, We don’t care, we’re driving Cadillacs in our dreams. But everybody’s like Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece. Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash. We don’t care, we aren’t caught up in your love affair. And we’ll never be royals (royals). It don’t run in our blood, That kind of luxe just ain’t for us. We crave a different kind of buzz. Let me be your ruler (ruler), You can call me queen Bee And baby I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule. Let me live that fantasy.


I found a very interesting way of creating smoke on a video tutorial; it involves rubbing your fingers together with the residue of a match box striker. I wanted to create a picture that was clean and beautiful, Bethany’s hair (by Michelle Burke – Pearson and Clark) was straightened and beautifully smoothed to create a silk cape. The makeup was a very heavy moisturizer and the beige from the Charles fox colour wheel, light mascara and an invisible top liner (you do this by edging into your lash line with an angle liner, it keeps the lash line thick without changing the shape) The smoke is very gentle and white, I had to light it from behind (therefore above) so it would show up well. I like the contrast and muted colours, Beth has an extraordinary face, a great brow with deep set eyes, she is androgynous and beautiful. I will add. The smoke has not been edited in. Model. Bethany Sullivan Hair. Michelle Burke – Pearson and Clark MUA. Becky Long Photography. Becky Long


This was such a fun shoot to do, sometimes in life you get to meet brilliant people, eccentric, mad, brilliant people. The owner of Beaumont Hall is a fabulous man, you could never guess his age he seems to have lived forever but has the bright eyes of a child. This stunning house has gone into natural atrophy and is almost alive. The models mirrored the location beautifully, each dressed to a non-specific era, Jasmine very 20’s, Paige 50’s and the boys Edward and Richie cover 30’s and 40’s. Jasmines long sheer dress was borrowed like Edwards attire, from Art Deco of Frinton (you really must visit). Richie is wearing Austin Reed-Viyella and Trousers from Art Deco. Paige wears my Grandmothers 50’s Wedding dress (no tag), it is so beautiful and really plays well to her skin tone. This shoot really was all about the hair, I think this is what makes a truly good fashion picture, if the hairs bad then nothing works, there’s just no point. Luckily for me, my long standing ‘Colleague’ Natasha Pearson, owner of Pearson Clark and L’Oreal ID Artist is an exceptionally brilliant stylist; I almost feel bad using the term ‘Hair dresser’ for […]

English Mustard

This was one of my greater shoots in the sense that the assembly had to be organised thoroughly, once again I used Hannah for her powerful feminine look and of course her mad hair. To start with, the brief for this shoot was from this year’s entry ‘Young Fashion Photographer of the Year 2013’ and I can happily say I am a finalist! The brief was to photograph Fashion and Movement, I wanted drama and beauty. The makeup – by me, was quite clean, pink lips with lots of pink blusher over the eyes with a lick of top line. I knew I wanted rose tinted glasses, this was important for the idea and fantasy this picture incurs. I started by sketching a couple of ideas and looking at my colour palette, I live in Frinton which is on the coast, and all around us we have these beautiful Rape seed Fields which are so vibrant when you have a blue sky. So I decided to go with this as a contrast and thought Hannah’s hair would set off the complimenting colours, I bought a simple (wobbly) garden arch for under five pounds (I know!) and picked all my Ivy […]

Sleeping Beauty

My second Disney shoot. Sleeping Beauty. I had the best time organising this, I asked Natasha to take control of the hair (all I said was that I wanted Romance). I wanted to organise the outfit and props as best I could, the dress in this picture is all front, there is no back. I used stretchy lace and cut to the pattern you can see on Emily, I then found some Light pink silk Dupion, I had made a prom dress with years back, and re-cut the pattern to match, but one inch smaller. I then simply relied on the lace to pull and stretch against the body to stop it slipping. Not the sort of thing you could wear out! I sewed all the beads and silk roses over the body, then tea dyed some already old lace net for the skirt. The waist band is fabric and is actually only double side sticky-taped to a 2 inch length of cardboard (my Nan swears by this, also my sewing machine broke a week before). The fabric background is the same Dupion used in the body. I used Ivy again in this, but this time spray painted it white […]

Happy Hour

This Photograph was created as my entry for ‘Young Fashion Photographer of the Year award 2012’ Inspired by David Lachapelle I wanted something extra ordinary, beautiful and strong. Hannah has a stunning Figure and I really wanted to show off her curves; The one piece Hannah wears is actually made of thermal printing film, I wrapped the film around her until I was happy with the pattern, and then secured behind. I was able to enhance Hannah’s shape with the cut of the outfit and wanted the accessories to reflect the colour theme. I painted the hands with ordinary poster paint then added the amazing bracelets Buch and Deichmann (B&D) originally bought from Harrods (early 1970) plus the ‘dolly eyes’ bracelet (the eyes move just like a toys – also vintage). These stunning pieces are all for sale at Art Deco of Frinton. The name of the photograph is ‘Happy Hour’ I wanted Hannah to look as if someone had just spilt her drink at her party and this was her expression. I think the overall style is great, the sparkler is actually in a 30’s cigarette holder, along with the cranberry juice that stained my studio wall it all […]