Creative Photography

Photography by Becky long
Hair by Natasha Pearson
Hair assisting – Michele Burke
Makeup by Maisy Reiser
Model – Elizabeth Whybrew

This was a shoot with two looks that go hand in hand. The first was – Romanticism and femininity the second – confidence, beauty and power. For the first shot we wanted soft beautiful hair and a bold make up look- inspired by Naeem Khan Fall 2015. We used a gold cape that was actually restyled by myself and Natasha, we just loved the vintage jacquard fabric and the textures showed up so well on film. We wanted to create a fresh look on a primarily medieval garment, we did this by adding the gold bar and chain across the shoulders to give some definition and make it easily wearable. The second look is more fearless, the hair is pulled back and has more dominance than it’s silken counterpart. The make up was darkened and a heavier shade on the lips was applied.