Creative Photography

This was one of my greater shoots in the sense that the assembly had to be organised thoroughly, once again I used Hannah for her powerful feminine look and of course her mad
hair. To start with, the brief for this shoot was from this year’s entry ‘Young Fashion Photographer of the Year 2013’ and I can happily say I am a finalist! The brief was to
photograph Fashion and Movement, I wanted drama and beauty.

The makeup – by me, was quite clean, pink lips with lots of pink blusher over the eyes with a lick of top line. I knew I wanted rose tinted glasses, this was important for the
idea and fantasy this picture incurs.

I started by sketching a couple of ideas and looking at my colour palette, I live in Frinton which is on the coast, and all around us we have these beautiful Rape seed Fields
which are so vibrant when you have a blue sky. So I decided to go with this as a contrast and thought Hannah’s hair would set off the complimenting colours, I bought a simple
(wobbly) garden arch for under five pounds (I know!) and picked all my Ivy from the garden. The dress was originally a Karen Millen that fitted me but it was ruined down one
side, so I re-cut the pattern to fit the model and used the fabric, plus matching colours for the skirt. I did literally sew Hannah into the dress and after had to cut her out.

The glasses are Hannah’s own, the rings from Rings & Tings and the necklace from DP’s. When we arrived at our location kelsie and I started to build the arch and wrap the ivy
around, once secured we sprayed all over with blue spray paint. We sieved blue chalk powder over the ground as a ‘red carpet’ lead into the picture. The smoke was very difficult
to organise as it was extremely windy on the day which helped for the dress, but not when you wanted the smoke to pool. (as we were in the middle of a field we also had a
generator- for anyone wanting to use one, make sure you also bring a megaphone to direct)

The overall look was sort of a Vivienne Westwood doll, Modeled on the lady herself, rather than her designs. I wanted that forceful, youthful, brilliant nature that was
matriarchal and beautiful. I love this shot and think it promotes movement, power and a royal status due to Hannah’s great body language.