Creative Photography

This was such a fun shoot to do, sometimes in life you get to meet brilliant people, eccentric, mad, brilliant people. The owner of Beaumont Hall is a fabulous man, you could
never guess his age he seems to have lived forever but has the bright eyes of a child. This stunning house has gone into natural atrophy and is almost alive.

The models mirrored the location beautifully, each dressed to a non-specific era, Jasmine very 20’s, Paige 50’s and the boys Edward and Richie cover 30’s and 40’s. Jasmines long
sheer dress was borrowed like Edwards attire, from Art Deco of Frinton (you really must visit). Richie is wearing Austin Reed-Viyella and Trousers from Art Deco. Paige wears my
Grandmothers 50’s Wedding dress (no tag), it is so beautiful and really plays well to her skin tone.

This shoot really was all about the hair, I think this is what makes a truly good fashion picture, if the hairs bad then nothing works, there’s just no point. Luckily for me, my
long standing ‘Colleague’ Natasha Pearson, owner of Pearson Clark and L’Oreal ID Artist is an exceptionally brilliant stylist; I almost feel bad using the term ‘Hair dresser’
for what she uniquely creates. Natasha has a way of creating beautiful soft classic looks that totally correspond to each theme. Make up was current, natural and fresh, we
wanted a doe eyed look for jasmine with her amazing blond hair, very innocent. For Paige, something more Smokey and suggestive, wanting the two girls to oppose one another, each
model was characterized and almost set into a plot line with relationships. One of the shots that represents this, is the photograph of Jasmine and Paige in the tomato house.
All the greens are so clean and the light is totally natural. The innocence of Jasmine is embed in her unwillingness and abstinence from the obvious dominance of Paige, Paige on
the other side has a breathy sexiness that is clearly unnerving. I simply love the chemistry.