Creative Photography

Hair by Natasha Pearson
Model – Annabelle Janes
Assisting Hair – Michelle Burke
Dress, Props, set Becky Long
Assisting – Becky Faccini
Photography by Becky Long
Editor – Colin Ginn & Becky Long

The third of my Disney series, I was so excited to do this as I wanted a real earthy set and everything very natural. The model Belle has incredibly long hair, thick beautiful
ebony hair, which was very fun for Natasha to work with. I started collecting bits of leather, ribbons, clay beads and little trinket bells, I came up with the idea for the hair with
Natasha. I had seen some beautiful looks she had done at one of her L’Oreal shows; and wanted to go very couture with one of her braided looks, I wanted lots of texture and
colour. Michelle (a great fellow hairdresser) did the thin braids; It took ages adding all the bits and bobs. Natasha crimped and sculpted the whole look, I love the braids at
the front and the blue hair chalks. The outfit is all brown leather and a vintage fur fox from my great Aunt; I wrapped the fabrics around belle and bound them with leather and
strings. The feathers are from my Cousin in Suffolk, she was lovely enough to save me the long pheasant quills. The set is a big board which has been covered in faux fur; I then
sculpted an arch and added the feathers. I love all the colours and textures, the henna tattoo is paint and I used only a kryolan colour wheel for the makeup, I stuck to creams
to get a dewy look.

Props. On my search for various items to suit the shoot I found a beautiful necklace in Topshop, I really liked it but what I needed was literally a rough copy, the necklace
Pocahontas wears is all made from clay, aside from the string. It is painted with gold spray paint and molten gold granules. The oogie boogie stick or Yei Rattle as its
otherwise known, was made from all the bits and bobs in her hair, I bought a ring in London for the shoot specifically, I just loved the colour and texture of it. The bells sewn on
were originally very shiny brass, I sprayed them lightly with coco spray paint and rolled them in coffee granules (works a treat & smells great)