Creative Photography

I found a very interesting way of creating smoke on a video tutorial; it involves rubbing your fingers together with the residue of a match box striker. I wanted to create a
picture that was clean and beautiful, Bethany’s hair (by Michelle Burke – Pearson and Clark) was straightened and beautifully smoothed to create a silk cape.

The makeup was a very heavy moisturizer and the beige from the Charles fox colour wheel, light mascara and an invisible top liner (you do this by edging into your lash line with
an angle liner, it keeps the lash line thick without changing the shape)

The smoke is very gentle and white, I had to light it from behind (therefore above) so it would show up well. I like the contrast and muted colours, Beth has an extraordinary
face, a great brow with deep set eyes, she is androgynous and beautiful.

I will add. The smoke has not been edited in.

Model. Bethany Sullivan
Hair. Michelle Burke – Pearson and Clark
MUA. Becky Long
Photography. Becky Long