Creative Photography

Model. Lois Richards
Hair. Natasha Rose Pearson
Styling. Becky Long
Photography. Becky Long

I had not used gels before and really wanted to do a fresh and saturated shoot. The models hair has a beautiful sihlloutte with a structured section that reflects the light well. Natasha wanted something pliable and beautiful that we could move and redesign if needed. The outcome of the shoot was something fun that we could really play with. It has an 80’s vibe and a good party feel! The velvet bra was made by myself and the accessories are Natasha’s. I just loved the lighting and how you could manouvere and add the colours just slightly to give a totally different effect. The purple and blue go really well together but I would also like to experiment with blue and yellow on a different shoot. I did not use a lot of prossessing on this shoot as the colours were there, I just added a heavier vinette to the corners to centralise the images a bit more.