Creative Photography

Photography by Becky long
Hair by Natasha Pearson
Model – Bethany Sullivan, Charlie White
Prosthetics and makeup by Becky Long

This was such an exciting collaboration, we wanted a white on white sci/animal theme, we used prosthetics to get the sharp cheek bones and white makeup to enhance an innate and believable character that we had designed.

Natasha on hair has created a series of looks which boast believable textures in nature, this shoot was an influence of the different collections and prep work seen at hair club live. The clothing was created after the hair and makeup had been achieved, we used cotton web to pull across the models in a cocoon, we thought that this would be animated with the movement and progression of the shoot.

Together we created a story board with titles such as ‘the meeting’ ‘journey’ ‘the attack’ and various others which shows a course of exploration and discovery between the two models, it’s very animalistic and beautiful.