Rachael and Daniel.

Dum Dum DeDum
Saturday 2nd

I shot a wedding today for Rachael and Daniel, weddings really are my favourite things to do, the anticipation and excitement and getting to see two people make each other so happy, Since I got engaged I couldn’t help but tear up a little when they said their vowels! it hits home a little more when you know you are going to get to do what they are doing one day. They are such a lovely couple and you can genuinely see them in 50 years pulling the same silly faces at each other. I loved how relaxed their wedding was and how it was all about them, everything looked beautiful but you could tell the only things that mattered to them were each other, and I think that is the best kind of wedding to have!

Now, they are coming in on Thursday to view there photographs and I am really excited to show them, so obviously I can’t show you guys yet! but after they have seen them I shall share a few of my favourite ones!
so keep your eyes open! xx

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