Sleeping Beauty

For any of those who have seen my previous posts, you will see that my sleeping beauty brassiere was not used as I deceided it was too glitzy and would actually suit cinderella more.

The Sleeping Beauty Outfit

I had a sheet of elasticated lace, which I cut into a large v and then cut a smaller pink silk peice the same shape to go underneath, as you can see, you would not be able to wear this out, it was literally for the pupose of the shoot. I then added paper roses and pearls from an old knecklace, I thought the dress should be pink and nude as sleeping beauty is quite blushing. I had to tea dye the skirt as it was a white/bluey to give it that vintage look.

I then made a small ‘set’ with pink blush tip roses, the same silk I used for the underlay of the dress and belt, and white sprayed ivy with ‘baby breath’ blossom
One of the most iconic props for me would be the Tiara, it is an instant reminder of the Disney Princess, I don’t want the shoots to be Disney perfect, but recognition to an individual is vital via the odd prop.
I made the tiara first out of paper and then gave the stencil to my Fiancé’s dad (big colin) he makes cars and restores old classic cars, he is very very good at panel beating and I knew he would be the best person to make the crown, Colin made it out of aluminium and I then sprayed it gold.
The Final Image
Model. Emily Hill
The Hair was done by Natasha Pearson, my wonderful wonderful friend and talented L’Oreal Artist.
she did at one point slap my hand away when I tried to move one of the flowers near Emily’s hair, lets just say, the woman knows what looks good when it comes to glossy locks!
 It is truly inspiring to work with such a Lady and we always bounce ideas off one another, Natasha is also the only other person who I style anything with, you could call me a tad ‘fussy’ maybe people are a bit scared when I get in my little ‘zone’ I jibber jabber and bounce around and say ‘ahhhhh ooh actually aha! aooorw! oh my god! this is so cute! Natasha does the same thing, just with a bit more eyebrow work!
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