Snow White

Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who is the fairest of them all?

I have wanted to do a series of Disney princesses for a long time and wanted to start with snow white.
(I will be doing a select few of the Princess set so will keep you posted). I was very excited about using my ‘Popsy’ (Paige Hartley) as snow white, as She has just left me for University! So this was a nice last shoot for us to do together for a while

I love doing one off shots as they think they are sometimes stronger than sets, I used to be obsessed with getting sets, but there is always one shot that is not as good as the others, and I believe this always lets it down, I would prefer to have an individual shot with a ‘wow’ factor.

I had thought about the different things that could be in the picture, Props, clothing etc.. I was certain of using the Apple but could not find a suitable dress which was seductive and classy, so I made one. Popsy’s Hair was actually brown before the shoot, I curled it and then sprayed with black UV hairspray, needless to say it worked really well (ventilated area needed). The Roses were real, as was the Ivy, I put a lot of pale base make up on her as she is Olive and then a lick of deep red lip stick, I think there are only a few props needed to show Snow white, as the ribbon, apple, make-up and hair relate back initially.
I borrowed the necklace from the Art Deco shop in Frinton and think it works beautifully, I did not want any more Jewellery because the Frame is quite intricate and I think it would just distract.

I used my 24-70mm f/2.8 for this as I was shooting above from a step ladder and needed a wider angle, preferably I would have used my 50mm but I am a bit of a shorty 😉

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