Unseen. Unedited.

original photographs, I have edited them to black and white in silver effects pro because I wanted them to look uniform all together like this, they each have flaws which I would necessarily remove, but they have NOT been airbrushed or tweaked in any way aside from being made monotone,
this is my work in its natural colorless state.
a long exposure with one lamp, I think there is something so delicate about this, I showed my granddad and he was not a fan, but its the eye of the beholder, I think there is something charming and feminine, popsys glazed eyes look dreamy.

this shoot has never been seen before, this was a dragonfly brooch we shot for the art deco shop but did not use, we had done a shoot previously in the day and this did not exceed the expectations from the earlier session so we did not feel we wanted it, although away from my other work its simple and sweet.

this i love, this for me shows the working relationship between pops and chitticks, its one of those in between shots that lets you see what my job is really about, making people happy and relaxed, these are the ‘living’ shots that i will value more than all my other work when i am old and grey, it will remind me that at that point in time i was there.

we never do a shoot when we are not ‘in the mood’ we had set up, made up and started, pops looked at me, i looked back, then we went and got sausage and chips.
if you cant be asked. don’t.

in this shoot i was after laughter and vitality, they both have enough of it and this always makes me giggle, i didn’t use it because if you don’t know them like i do you will not understand ( you see i know that they are in fact crazy) without this knowledge you wont get it! we had a lot of shots from this shoot and it was the last one to fall short of the crop. i still adore it though.

now popsy loves this, it has some very pretty tones and is personal, she was undressing for a shoot and i wanted to take some relaxed shots, which i usually do, i just thought the crop on this was very natural.

just me and popsy in the room, a warm studio and a relationship that builds through every shoot, i love the expression on her face in this, she never has to ask me what i want, but she will always look over for my nod or my head tilt, this lets her no what I want her to do, it is now remarkably subtle and effective after the years and we have complete accuracy, we can read each others minds now, and it is in this shot you can see her looking for my confirmation, it is a working partnership which will never stop growing.

This is not Photoshop. it is black and white and that is all.
These two shots were initial images for Pearson and Clark hairdressing in Frinton on sea, I have a wonderful relationship with Natasha Pearson and we have developed our friendship through the things we love most, working with each other. these images were taken on my d700 using a rear curtain flash I love the effect, the shoot was about the insanity of fashion and today’s image of women, I thought the padded background gave the double image a schizophrenic base. Popsy and Hannah cooper.
this is one of the first shoots I did that I  was really happy with, and probably one of popsy’s favorites too, working on location is one of my favorite things to do, I had made the dress for popsy for a L’Oreal catwalk in Cambridge and decided to shoot her in it at a friends house, our friend is Edward Bell a curiously wonderful man who is studying photography in Wales.
I had bought a smoke machine the week before this shoot and had somewhat of an obsession with Tim Walker and understandably so after doing a year of prop making and costume design, he is a stage maker and director and his photography is merely a way of showing the rest of the world his ideas.
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